The secret of energy clearing

“Maybe you can take life less seriously,” Eric said. Eric Dowsett is someone who can clear energy. He taps into the energy of my house or myself and can clear up what is not serving me anymore or has impacted me negatively. I can understand if this is not something you believe in but it helps me enormously: I feel lighter and my mood and energy improves big time. One of the most important lessons I learned is the use of language. Changing your language changes your mood and then changes your actions. For example, if you say: “I am depressed,” you identify with this feeling and you become this feeling. If you say: “This is the feeling of depressions,” it becomes a whole other story. At this moment you detach from it and you can start changing it. There is a good exercise to integrate this into your daily life. Say to yourself when you feel a certain feeling: this is the feeling of… Do this consistently and see what happens over time. I’m sure you will change for the good.

Feel lighter through clearing

Clearing is a way of being that allows information to exist, without judgment, without identification. A lot of people carry with them certain unconscious programs, without knowing that these programs are the reason that their energy is stuck in some way. If you start to get conscious about those patterns and programs you can start changing your situation. Clearing is a way of looking at things that changes our relationship to ourselves, others and the environment. If you start noticing shifts in feelings: stop empowering them, stop judging them. Then your body can start to change on a cellular level. For me, this is a way of seeing things that’s real. It helps me clear up the situation. And feel lighter. Although I need some help to do so. Are you curious about the work of Eric Dowsett? Take a look at his site, you won’t regret.

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4 ideas to be more positive in life

Foto door Ivan Bertolazzi via Pexels

Lately, I noticed that I was thinking negatively more often. It could be that it is because of my business running less smoothly or because I don’t get the results I had in mind. The fact is that I put out messages that are not resonating with who I Am. I want to be someone who sees the sunny sides of things. So I started looking on YouTube and came across a video from Tony Robbins about positive thinking. He tells that the experience of being on a 7-days mental diet changed his life forever. The four points that hit me the most:

1)Make from your positive thinking a habit: the moment you catch yourself thinking negatively about a situation, think about what this situation teaches you.

2)Be curious instead of judgmental: if you are curious about someone you can see him in a different light. Maybe someone has a difficult day when he’s not greeting you with enthusiasm.

3)Make giving compliments into a habit. It will help you to see the positive in people. And as a result also into yourself.

4) Be good but don’t be perfect. If you want to be perfect the chance of failing is immense. So set your standards a little bit lower. you will succeed more and it will create a positive feeling about yourself.

So what I will do. The following 7-days I go on a mental diet. I will do the best I can to create a positive mindset. The first step in that direction is that I want to be thankful that I found the FREE Video Series that got me on the path of self-development. Feel free to watch them too. You won’t regret it. To finish I want to give you an affirmation that helps me the most: every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

This is how your passion starts working for you

Passion is not something you are, Mel Robbins shows in a youtube video about passion. Passion is the energy that you bring in everything you do. It is something you feel. So you can stop searching for it because it’s already in you. I agree with that. I was searching for my passion all those years. Thinking it was something outside of me. Another job, new interests, traveling to other countries, finding love. In that searching, I forgot about myself.

Passion is inside you and you’re in complete control of everything you do in your life. You choose how much energy you put in the things you do. That is something I found out after realizing that chasing a dream is not working for me. The moment I started creating my life. Doing things I love. Being with people that give me energy. Spending time to relax and meditate. From that point, I started living my dream. It had no fixed forms: I’m not a writer, I don’t live in a vila, I don’t eat in fancy restaurants. But I feel energized and do the things I love. I love my life actually. It’s not what you do, it is how you do it. Passion is how you’re living not what you’re doing. For me at least.

So stop searching for your passion. Look for the things that energize you and start living today. These are the videos that initiated my transformation. They showed me how to stop dreaming and start living my passion. Watch them too and see how your life evolves in the right direction. A life that is driven by passion.

The Fear Of Succes And How To Overcome It

Foto door Nathan Cowley via Pexels

Fear is mostly about something that is not going to happen. And if you worry you’re always or in the past or the future. It is a not helping strategy, that is not bringing you somewhere. Of course, it is easier said than done. Because worrying is a part of our nature. A part of our brain, the part that is in surviving mode, uses this to create an illusion of control. In a video from Carolina Antonia interviewing Dan Holloway you get an insight into how Dan overcame his fear. He gives an example of the glass bowl. if you could imagine a future in which you have achieved everything you want to achieve and if you were convinced this is gonna happen would you then be anxious, would you then worry so much? Or could you then be in the present and let go. He talks about trusting the universe and be certain of your success. Because if you will prevail there are only two choices or you die or you succeed. There is no other choice. If I look at myself self then there are a few things that keep me from not getting where I want: my lack of self-belief, the idea that I have not enough money, not doing what needs to be done. The things that help me to succeed are:

  • My persistence: I’m going forward whatever happens
  • My curiosity in what I do
  • The community of people I gathered around me with the same goal
  • The coaching I get that helps me to get my goals done

I got a structure in how to attain my online business goals by seeing these FREE VIDEOS. They gave me the right insights to get things rolling. I also was afraid that I couldn’t be successful but luckily I came to SEE the On-Demand Series you also have the chance to attain.