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Is An Online Business Worth Your Time?

Imagine your business is an oil well. The analogy isn’t too far off…if you set it up the way I did. Do you drill your oil well because it “sounds” like a good idea at the time? Do you dig your well because it “feels right?” I hope not. You dig your oil well where you discovered […]

Leef en werk vrijuit met mindfulness

Bewustzijn is aanwezig zijn in het hier en nu, en wel zonder oordeel. Het is een eigenschap die iedereen van nature bezit, maar door de tijd heen is verleerd. Als kind ben je in het hier en nu. Maar als volwassene kun je dit herwinnen. Ik heb besloten dit te doen: zonder oordeel, op een […]

How To Build A Brand As A Creative Entrepreneur

When I was a copywriter in a big company I didn’t have to think about myself as a brand. I got paid, did my job and that was it. But being an entrepreneur becoming a brand can be essential for your success. Gary Vee says: “people struggle with being real with themselves.” You have to […]

How To Get What You Intent To Create

Lately, I discovered that when I want something too much, the results are not in my favour. I make changes all the time, that’s when my Facebook campaigns lose traction. I experience a lack of money. I get stressed and I feel unfulfilled. This happens to me very often. But luckily I found a way […]

How to build a digital business around your passions?

When I was a (freelance) copywriter I was working with my creativity every day. Coming up with new ideas and put them into words was business as usual. But still, I had the idea that I was not capable of delivering. Strange enough the creative flow always turned up. My problem was: lack of self-worth […]

Why is the secret of living a purposeful life

After a breakdown, I discovered my why was key to a life with purpose. The same month the work of Simon Sinek gave me the tools to find it. But it was not before I came across a 4-Part Digital Business Course that I set the next step. Today I’m a life coach and digital […]

Ikigai: how to find your life’s purpose

After being stuck in my 9-5 job. I needed a burn-out to wake me up. It was only then that I took the time to go and travel to Bali. I went to Africa to enjoy the beach and snorkel in the ocean. But most important: I started looking at what kind of job could […]

Change your story, change your life

Here are the 3 steps I know that are working for me to create a breakthrough:How you’re taking control of your story, story and state can fuel lasting change…Tony Robbins inspired me big time creating this blog post… Is it luck that creates the quality of life that someone gets? That’s what I thought: biography […]

Saturday Motivation: How To Achieve Success

I always had the idea that I had to chase goals to get happy. When I get my University grade I’m happy.  When I’m a senior copywriter I will feel accepted. When I meditate for an hour I will be at ease. But none of them is the case. I didn’t feel more successful than […]