Change your story, change your life

Here are the 3 steps I know that are working for me to create a breakthrough:
How you’re taking control of your story, story and state can fuel lasting change…
Tony Robbins inspired me big time creating this blog post…

Is it luck that creates the quality of life that someone gets? That’s what I thought: biography is destiny. I knew for sure I couldn’t do anything to bring change into my life.

Tony Robbins says that not the ones who grew with everything. But the ones that are most hungry are able to change.

In fact the people that endured the most in their lives are the most successful. One brilliant example is Oprah Winfrey. Her mother was 13 when she was born: a child raised by a child. Her father was not there. She was sexually abused more than once. But still she became one of the most successful woman on the world.

One of the most important lessons I take from that I don’t have to buy into a limited story. To come up with a better story. Tony Robbins says: change your story, change your life!

A new strategy can change everything. If you have the right strategy you can change what you want. It’s like having a recipe for life.

But I have had a lot of strategies but didn’t do anything with it. I’t’s critical to have the right strategy at the right time. And it’s better to follow someones strategy who’s doing it NOW!

Not long ago I saw a 3-Day Video Series that gave me some strategies to build a business online. These strategies were not only applicable to my business but also in my personal life.

But the level you can make changes the fastest is the state. The state you’re in determines your decisions. What you focus on determines what you decide. Focus equals feeling, focus equals direction…

Why people fail? They’ll say because a lack of resources. But in fact it’s a lack of resourcefulness. The ultimate resource is human emotion. So you have to master your emotions to become resourceful.

If you focus on something you can’t control. Your state will be miserable. If I look at myself I tended to be focused on the past. I have a history of depressions and was pretty sure this wouldn’t change anymore. Until I decided this wasn’t something I wanted to live by.

Curious what made me change my story, strategy and state? Get a look at the Free 3-Day Workshop Series. That’s how I started my online business and created personal success.

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