How To Build A Brand As A Creative Entrepreneur

When I was a copywriter in a big company I didn’t have to think about myself as a brand. I got paid, did my job and that was it. But being an entrepreneur becoming a brand can be essential for your success. Gary Vee says: “people struggle with being real with themselves.”

You have to find the difference between being who you are and who you wish you are. When you don’t know who you are you struggle a lot. But the nr.1 mistake people make is that they try to oversell themselves. Because they think they need to get people’s attention.

What I like to do is show people the process of becoming. That’s how I stay authentic. I discovered that I got my reader’s attention talking about my journey. This is how I started a digital business!

That’s a far better strategy than knowing it better and giving advice.

Another advice Gary Vee gave me is: Document vs create.  Just produce content in a consistent matter. He says reporting your experience can be as authentic as being creative. And it’s far more productive. I’m looking forward to adapting to this principle myself.

I’m just like most other entrepreneurs:

The problem is that I don’t start, I’m just thinking.

So if you can’t create, facilitate the content that is in line with who you are. Document your story or that of other people that walk the same path as you. Finally, the creativity starts flowing by itself.

I always thought that creativity had to come from me. But it flows from above when you open yourself to it.

Want to know the details. Watch Garry Vee’s video about this!

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