How to build a digital business around your passions?

When I was a (freelance) copywriter I was working with my creativity every day. Coming up with new ideas and put them into words was business as usual. But still, I had the idea that I was not capable of delivering. Strange enough the creative flow always turned up. My problem was: lack of self-worth and trust.

Maybe it was the pressure of having to deliver new ideas all the time. Or the fact that others decided if my work was good enough. But the biggest threat was my own perfectionism. I started undervaluing my work. As a result clients start noticing that: I didn’t get paid what I’m worth. In the end I was so frustrated that I got burned-out. I was forced to stop doing what I did.

I took my time to recover and revaluing things. But if I wanted to change I had to do things differently. It was then that I discovered the possibilities of the digital world. How to build an online framework to generate money around my passions: life coaching & copywriting.

Today I enjoy using digital products to create creative content and connect with people. On top of that: I’m surrounded by a community of like-minded people. That’s why I live a life of passion and purpose.

Are you also interested in building a digital business around your passions? Take the next step and Get Started With the Free 4-Part Video Series. I’m sure they will unleash your potential too.

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