How to define your customer

Wow, that is how it works I thought after seeing the video of Dan Holloway. Now I know how to approach my ideal customer. Going from his fear to his fulfillment. Here I share what’s most important from my perspective or you can choose to see Dan’s video.

If you want to sell a product you have to ask yourself the question: what pain or problem does my product solve? How does it make the life of my customers easier?

First, you got to know the customer’s problem:

  • they’re trapped in an unfulfilling career
  • They don’t want to sacrifice their lives in the corporate rat race.
  • They feel trapped in their lives paying bills, getting up early, having no time to study

Then you must understand your customer’s deepest irrational fear.

  • they waist their entire life’s
  • They never see their kids growing up
  • The fear to lose everything 

The key is to understand their problems better than they understand themselves. Put yourself in the mind of your customers and feel what they’re feeling. And projecting that in a story in which you put yourself in an identical situation, but you came out with a solution.

If you master the previous things. The most valuable tool to understand this process is to talk to your customers. The more you understand their problems the more you connect to them. Then the question arises: what would your customer do to solve their problems. They say: I can’t do this another 20 years. What would they type if they go on to Google: 

…how to change careers…

…how to build an online business

…what are they reading and doing…

You start to see where they are in their process and you can meet them with a specific message. So you can position your product or service as the solution.

Then your building the right message at the right time and place and do that with the right intention: do it from a place of inspiration, not manipulation. Good intention is helping to create value. Bad intention is just making money.

Finally, get specific in your messaging with your ads. They want to buy the product that solves their problem, not eight different features that solve the problem of other people. One pain, and one problem you’re the solution for.

See Dan’s video on how to create the ideal customer. Or even better, do you want to know how he came to know what he knows now? Watch the FREE on-demand video series that taught him (and also me) how to market online. 

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