How to Stop Putting Things Off And Start Getting Stuff Done

To be honest even while writing this blog post I am procrastinating. Not willing to cope with the fear that I write the wrong words, or can’t write at all. Thinking of it there’s no logic at stake. As a result, I have to finish this piece on a Sunday evening. And during the day, it gives me a bad feeling. Why didn’t I do it this morning?, I keep repeating.

That’s an important thing to notice: procrastination is not logic. Procrastination is also not being lazy. Dr Fuschia Sirois (professor of psychology at the University of Sheffield) says it is all about avoiding unpleasant emotions. The solution lies not in trying to manage your productiveness. But in learning to cope with negative emotions.

So we procrastinate to avoid negative feelings. We end up feeling even worse:

We see our future selves as strangers, which means that a future task is not our problem.

Utterly simplified there are two types of procrastination: short term and long term. Short term procrastination have a deadline e.a. writing a paper, doing the dishes, filling in your taxes.  Long term procrastination doesn’t have one: Build your own business (here’s how I created my digital business); Start dating for real; Finally begin with losing weight. If you take this into consideration everyone is a procrastinator.

Please tell me if you’re not;-)

How to deal with procrastination?

•    One way to deal with it is self-forgiveness. For example when you procrastinate you normally blame yourself doing it. This makes the chance doing it again even bigger. But if you forgive yourself you free yourself of the burden of past tasks, and you can concentrate on new ones.

  • Another very powerful way to get things done is what Dr. Brewer (Brown University’s Mindfulness Center) called Bigger Better Offers (B.B.O.) When you award yourself for the good things you do your brain rewires itself. You create new pathways to stimulate a positive routine.

•    Be mindful if you have the feeling you want to procrastinate.  Bring your attention to the sensations arising in your mind and body. Getting used to negative emotions stops them being negative. They just are!

If I look at myself I make progress. I procrastinate less and do more. I accept that negative feelings are part of life and embrace them. A curious site-effect: you get positive emotions as a return. You create a state of “Joy”.

What did help me more? I started educating myself about digital marketing. I do this with a community of like-minded people. I’m mentored by leaders that before me walked the path to success. I do something I’m passionate about. This keeps me motivated to get things done. I wish you the same!

Are you curious which digital business program I follow? Just click here and access the Free Workshop Series.

Read for a more detailed description on this subject this article in the NYT.  I also recommend you to watch this Ted Talk.

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