Is An Online Business Worth Your Time?

How To Start An Online Business?

Imagine your business is an oil well. The analogy isn’t too far off…if you set it up the way I did. Do you drill your oil well because it “sounds” like a good idea at the time? Do you dig your well because it “feels right?” I hope not. You dig your oil well where you discovered oil …just waiting to be tapped into.

In the past I told my customers to  “Follow your passion.”

Maybe there is a better way to Get Started Now. What if your life depends on your decision? What if there was a guy with a gun threatening to end your life if you didn’t get results in the next 30 days? You can bet your booty I’m not going to just follow my passion I’m NOT going to wing it and hope something works out.

I’m going to go where the money flows. That’s how the situation felt when I first started an online business two years ago. There wasn’t any gunmen forcing me to get results, but there was a soul-draining situation that I couldn’t make a living as a freelance copywriter and didn’t want to do so either. Either this works…or I’m done. There was no other option.

In that situation, you can’t even think clearly about your passion. All you know is you need to go where the money is…and fast. Find a hungry crowd that’s already buying. Their credit cards are out and money is flowing.

All you have to do is offer them a better, improved, or even just a new solution to their problems. Quit looking for an empty market. Competition is a Good Thing. It means people are buying.

I get nervous and run the other direction if there are Zero competitors in a market. Zero competition equals zero customers! Love your competition. Join their lists. Read their websites. They’re leaving clues about how customer spend their hard-earned dollars. Your competitors are successful because they’re selling what your customers desperately want.

If you want to be passionate about something, become passionate about the Customer. Fall in love with your customers. Become intimately acquainted with their hurts, their pains, and their desires.

I’ll hope this motivates you to turn your ideas into an online business.

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