How To Get What You Intent To Create

Lately, I discovered that when I want something too much, the results are not in my favour. I make changes all the time, that’s when my Facebook campaigns lose traction. I experience a lack of money. I get stressed and I feel unfulfilled. This happens to me very often. But luckily I found a way out of here.

That’s why I was so happy to discover “The Power Of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. Being more relaxed in the things I do and living by Intent are things I really long for.

To give a glimpse of what Wayne Dyer means by Intent, I give you the 7 faces of Intention:

1) Be creative: staying creative means giving form to your personal intentions. In my case, this means being of service to others

2) Be kind: be kind to yourself, be kind towards others, be kind towards all living beings. All on earth is meant to thrive.

3) Be love: you are born out of love, you have to be love to align with Intent.

4) Be beauty: if you awaken to your true nature. You will see the beauty in everything you see, hear and touch. Beaty is what you are.

5) Be ever-expansive: the Universe that you are part of is ever-expanding and growing and so are you meant to be.

6) Be abundant: giving and receiving are part of the same whole. If you give you will receive and this is how abundance comes into being. Furthermore: there is no scarcity in the Universal mind of Spirit.

7) Be receptive: stay connected and be sure that you will receive everything the Universe is capable of giving.

All these concepts are building blocks for an abundant life and just a tiny bit of what this audiobook has to offer.

Listen To It Costless And Feel Abundant Instantly

The book really changed my life and I wish you the same!

What I want to share with you before finishing this post: the one thing I did to align my intention to my actions was starting my own digital business. A business that gives me all the possibilities to create a life that I love.

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