Is An Online Business Worth Your Time?

How To Start An Online Business?

Imagine your business is an oil well. The analogy isn’t too far off…if you set it up the way I did. Do you drill your oil well because it “sounds” like a good idea at the time? Do you dig your well because it “feels right?” I hope not. You dig your oil well where you discovered oil …just waiting to be tapped into.

In the past I told my customers to  “Follow your passion.”

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How To Build A Brand As A Creative Entrepreneur

When I was a copywriter in a big company I didn’t have to think about myself as a brand. I got paid, did my job and that was it. But being an entrepreneur becoming a brand can be essential for your success. Gary Vee says: “people struggle with being real with themselves.”

You have to find the difference between being who you are and who you wish you are. When you don’t know who you are you struggle a lot. But the nr.1 mistake people make is that they try to oversell themselves. Because they think they need to get people’s attention.

What I like to do is show people the process of becoming. That’s how I stay authentic. I discovered that I got my reader’s attention talking about my journey. This is how I started a digital business!

That’s a far better strategy than knowing it better and giving advice.

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How To Get What You Intent To Create

Intention Explained By A Master

Lately, I discovered that when I want something too much, the results are not in my favour. I make changes all the time, that’s when my Facebook campaigns lose traction. I experience a lack of money. I get stressed and I feel unfulfilled. This happens to me very often. But luckily I found a way out of here.

That’s why I was so happy to discover “The Power Of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. Being more relaxed in the things I do and living by Intent are things I really long for.

To give a glimpse of what Wayne Dyer means by Intent, I give you the 7 faces of Intention:

1) Be creative: staying creative means giving form to your personal intentions. In my case, this means being of service to others

2) Be kind: be kind to yourself, be kind towards others, be kind towards all living beings. All on earth is meant to thrive.

3) Be love: you are born out of love, you have to be love to align with Intent.

4) Be beauty: if you awaken to your true nature. You will see the beauty in everything you see, hear and touch. Beaty is what you are.

5) Be ever-expansive: the Universe that you are part of is ever-expanding and growing and so are you meant to be.

6) Be abundant: giving and receiving are part of the same whole. If you give you will receive and this is how abundance comes into being. Furthermore: there is no scarcity in the Universal mind of Spirit.

7) Be receptive: stay connected and be sure that you will receive everything the Universe is capable of giving.

All these concepts are building blocks for an abundant life and just a tiny bit of what this audiobook has to offer.

Listen To It Costless And Feel Abundant Instantly

The book really changed my life and I wish you the same!

What I want to share with you before finishing this post: the one thing I did to align my intention to my actions was starting my own digital business. A business that gives me all the possibilities to create a life that I love.

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