The secret of energy clearing

“Maybe you can take life less seriously,” Eric said. Eric Dowsett is someone who can clear energy. He taps into the energy of my house or myself and can clear up what is not serving me anymore or has impacted me negatively. I can understand if this is not something you believe in but it helps me enormously: I feel lighter and my mood and energy improves big time. One of the most important lessons I learned is the use of language. Changing your language changes your mood and then changes your actions. For example, if you say: “I am depressed,” you identify with this feeling and you become this feeling. If you say: “This is the feeling of depressions,” it becomes a whole other story. At this moment you detach from it and you can start changing it. There is a good exercise to integrate this into your daily life. Say to yourself when you feel a certain feeling: this is the feeling of… Do this consistently and see what happens over time. I’m sure you will change for the good.

Feel lighter through clearing

Clearing is a way of being that allows information to exist, without judgment, without identification. A lot of people carry with them certain unconscious programs, without knowing that these programs are the reason that their energy is stuck in some way. If you start to get conscious about those patterns and programs you can start changing your situation. Clearing is a way of looking at things that changes our relationship to ourselves, others and the environment. If you start noticing shifts in feelings: stop empowering them, stop judging them. Then your body can start to change on a cellular level. For me, this is a way of seeing things that’s real. It helps me clear up the situation. And feel lighter. Although I need some help to do so. Are you curious about the work of Eric Dowsett? Take a look at his site, you won’t regret.

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