Saturday Motivation: How To Achieve Success

I always had the idea that I had to chase goals to get happy. When I get my University grade I’m happy.  When I’m a senior copywriter I will feel accepted. When I meditate for an hour I will be at ease. But none of them is the case. I didn’t feel more successful than before.

After time, I understand that success is in fact an Inside Job. What helped me is asking myself a question. How have you been looking at outside circumstances to feel good and accepted? It has so much to do with wanting to control. And although those achievements will satisfy for a short time. It’s just for a moment and the next goal is waiting for you already.

But true power lies in ourselves. It’s only there where we can find it. We can get there with our daily practice or meditation. I talk about Inner Success but it not about staying inside. You can bring that mindset in the outer world. Ultimately you will see a reflection of this in your ventures and successes.

I hope you learn as much from this short video as I do…

Have a nice day. I’ll write you next Saturday!

What if you could start every morning with a smile?

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Two of the most important things for personal growth that I consider are meditation and reading. They both help me to be more conscious of things and be more in the moment. A brilliant byproduct of meditation is that it keeps you focused and makes you more productive. It’s not for nothing that most successful people say they meditate in one way or another.

Sometimes I lose track of the habit. The method I use is starting to do it again is doing it for 10 days in a row for ten minutes. After a while, it becomes natural. When meditation is not something you don’t do very often you can use an app as headspace or do a guided meditation.

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What are your five big dreams for the next decade?

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“Dreaming is the ability to see something that doesn’t exist yet.”
~ Mel Robbins

Did you know that writing down your dreams and goals helps to achieve them? According to a study of the Dominican University in California your 40 percent more likely to accomplish your dreams when you write them down. And according to a study done at Harvard people that write their goals and dreams down are ten times more likely to achieve them.

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4 ideas to be more positive in life

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Lately, I noticed that I was thinking negatively more often. It could be that it is because of my business running less smoothly or because I don’t get the results I had in mind. The fact is that I put out messages that are not resonating with who I Am. I want to be someone who sees the sunny sides of things. So I started looking on YouTube and came across a video from Tony Robbins about positive thinking. He tells that the experience of being on a 7-days mental diet changed his life forever. The four points that hit me the most:

1)Make from your positive thinking a habit: the moment you catch yourself thinking negatively about a situation, think about what this situation teaches you.

2)Be curious instead of judgmental: if you are curious about someone you can see him in a different light. Maybe someone has a difficult day when he’s not greeting you with enthusiasm.

3)Make giving compliments into a habit. It will help you to see the positive in people. And as a result also into yourself.

4) Be good but don’t be perfect. If you want to be perfect the chance of failing is immense. So set your standards a little bit lower. you will succeed more and it will create a positive feeling about yourself.

So what I will do. The following 7-days I go on a mental diet. I will do the best I can to create a positive mindset. The first step in that direction is that I want to be thankful that I found the FREE Video Series that got me on the path of self-development. Feel free to watch them too. You won’t regret it. To finish I want to give you an affirmation that helps me the most: every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

This is how your passion starts working for you

Passion is not something you are, Mel Robbins shows in a youtube video about passion. Passion is the energy that you bring in everything you do. It is something you feel. So you can stop searching for it because it’s already in you. I agree with that. I was searching for my passion all those years. Thinking it was something outside of me. Another job, new interests, traveling to other countries, finding love. In that searching, I forgot about myself.

Passion is inside you and you’re in complete control of everything you do in your life. You choose how much energy you put in the things you do. That is something I found out after realizing that chasing a dream is not working for me. The moment I started creating my life. Doing things I love. Being with people that give me energy. Spending time to relax and meditate. From that point, I started living my dream. It had no fixed forms: I’m not a writer, I don’t live in a vila, I don’t eat in fancy restaurants. But I feel energized and do the things I love. I love my life actually. It’s not what you do, it is how you do it. Passion is how you’re living not what you’re doing. For me at least.

So stop searching for your passion. Look for the things that energize you and start living today. These are the videos that initiated my transformation. They showed me how to stop dreaming and start living my passion. Watch them too and see how your life evolves in the right direction. A life that is driven by passion.

How to find your path in life?

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“You can fail in what you don’t want. So you might as well do what you love.” – Jim Carrey

Finding your purpose, knowing what life is all about? Isn’t that what we all look for. This morning I watched an excellent movie from a speech Jim Carrey gave to some graduates. In a very inspiring way, he tells them how he found his way in life. And about his father’s part in finding that. His purpose was to free people from concern. That was what became his mission. We all can give the world something: what will they need what your talent can provide? We are so much more than our personalities, our masks and the roles we play in our lives. Who are we beyond that? Mind for the risk just to go for success. Because the ego will tempt us with the promise of something we already possess. We all have to take the risk of being seen in all our glory. Relax and dream up a good life. Watch Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address and feel inspired as I was…

What did it do to you? How does it make you feel about your purpose? My one is to allow people to grow in their lives. I found my purpose in blogging and building my own online business. It all started by watching the Free On-Demand Video Series from Stewart, my mentor. Key in this is dreaming up a good life like Jim Carrey already said. So why not go for it yourself and Watch the Free Video Series.

5 secrets of sleep you may not be aware of

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We all sleep, but yet we don’t care for it and take it for granted. In an eight hour performance, Max Richter uncovers the hidden gems of it: the intimacy, the underlying emotions and the vulnerability that makes us human. This weekend at the International Documentary Festival I saw the film Max Richter’s Sleep about this undertaking. It made make think: do I care about my sleep enough? And do we all in general? These are 5 reasons why you should sleep more:

1) Your memory is improved. While you sleep you digest what you learned during the day. So if you learn a language in the morning you know it better than the day before.

2) Creativity is stimulated. While you sleep your brain directs more to the unconscious. This is the source of creativity. So it makes sense to sleep more.

3) Sleep lowers stress. Relaxation and sleep are very interrelated. It is said that sleeping lowers blood pressure. Even cholesterol levels are effected which plays an important role in heart diseases.

4) Sleep helps to reduce depressive feelings. When you sleep little depression can due to feelings of anxiety become present. That’s why a good night’s sleep is important for an overall feeling of wellbeing.

5) Sleep is important when you want to lose weight. Metabolism and sleep are situated in the same part of the brain. And when you are sleeping you tend to be more hungry.

I think I gave reasons enough to sleep more often. At least I am aware now that if I care more my life can be more peaceful. So whether it’s morning or evening I wish you a good night’s sleep.

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This is how to make your wish come true

The Spiral of Creation

Did you know there is a proven way to make your wish a reality? In a by a small circle of influencers well-recognized book “De Creatiespiraal” (Spiral of Creation), Marinus Knoope describes 12 steps to make your wish come true. These are the steps to follow.

1) The first step is to cherish the silence and relax. Get in the flow and let the ideas come to you.

2) If you have a clear idea you can write your wish on paper. That is the first act of creation.

3) What helps to get your wish into your system is to visualize what you want. Attach feelings to it, make it something you long for.

4) If you believe in something you can make it happen. You can use affirmations to make your belief stronger: I make big money whatever it takes for example.

5) Now it’s time to express your idea, share it with the world. Other people can help to make your wish come true.

6) To go in more detail it is good to do research, this gives you a clearer idea of the dos and don’ts.

7) No idea without a plan. To know which steps you have to make is an essential part of wish-creation. Every step brings you closer to your wish come true.

8) To start is to decide that you want to make your wish reality.

9) Now you can start to act, that is the real work, you can make it happen.

10) No-one ever said it’s gonna be easy, that’s why you have to persevere, only then you will bring it to the end.

11) You have brought your wish into the world, now you can pick the fruits of it and receive the reward.

12) The last but not least step is the appreciation of the work you’ve done. It is an often neglected but necessary step. Think about the Champaign sports winners open after winning a sports game, it keeps them running for the next game.

So now you know the secrets of making your wishes reality. One of my wishes was to create an officeless business. That’s how I found the FREE Video Series. They helped me getting clear which steps to take making my wish come true. In the training and business set-up, they facilitate they make the above steps tangible. Here’s how to apply for free training.

Being in Bali: 3 life lessons I learned

Ganesh in Ubud

This year in September I went on a three week holiday to Bali. One of the questions I took with me was: how I could create a better life for myself? I was looking for a life of fulfillment and purpose. These are the three answers I got during the trip:

1) Work where you feel best

The first place I visited was Canggu, a place near the beautiful Bali beaches. Canggu breathes creativity. Everywhere the eye can see are nice coffee places, vegan food, yoga, and art-related places to go. Here I realized this is how I want to craft my life. The Canggu community comes from all over the world, which makes it very inspiring. I realized this is how I want to craft my life: Create beautiful ideas and feel free to work wherever I want.

2) Spirituality is in everyday life

When you get up early in the morning you see women with their offerings going to the home temples. You smell the scent of incense. It’s something you not will easily forget. They perform this act with gratitude and graciousness. When Balinese greet each other they often use the phrase: Om Swastiastu. Wich means: Oh God, I hope all goodness (safety, happiness, and prosperity) comes from all directions. That holiness I could feel in my contact with the people. So I promised myself not to take daily life for granted: every day is holy.

3.) Taking risks is a good thing

Before my holiday I was scared as hell to go on a motorbike. The traffic in Bali is so busy and chaotic that I even got panicked when I thought about it. But I decided to just do it. And I was rewarded. I traveled through mountains, along with the see, and to beautiful temples. I made a trip a thought I wasn’t able to. It gave me confirmation that I am on the right track: taking risks will be rewarded.

So these are a few things I learned in Bali. Traveling made me see my life with clear eyes. There are two things I want to share with you. One is a link to my friend Natalie Dissel who lives on Bali: she, a jewelry designer, is a pure example of someone who lives the Bali life of freedom. The other is a course I did while I was on my way. This free training helped me to see that it’s possible to live the life that I want.