What if you could start every morning with a smile?

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Two of the most important things for personal growth that I consider are meditation and reading. They both help me to be more conscious of things and be more in the moment. A brilliant byproduct of meditation is that it keeps you focused and makes you more productive. It’s not for nothing that most successful people say they meditate in one way or another.

Sometimes I lose track of the habit. The method I use is starting to do it again is doing it for 10 days in a row for ten minutes. After a while, it becomes natural. When meditation is not something you don’t do very often you can use an app as headspace or do a guided meditation.

I remember the days that I woke up and the first thing that I did was check my phone and replying to the messages. That made me feel miserable and all the energy I gathered in the night flew away back into the earth. Now I’ve made it to a routine to meditate at least 10 minutes per day; preferably in the morning.

It is said that Maria Popova, writer and founder of brainpickings.org uses the same mediation every morning. It is the Smile meditation from Tara Brach. I started to use it for myself. To get back in the habit that supports my growth. Cause why not smile every first thing in the morning?

Here’s the meditation I mentioned to bring you a smile every morning…

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